Windows or Mac OS is better?

Windows or Mac OS is better?

To tackle the age-old conflict between Mac and Windows, we have come up with a list of pros and cons for each of the respective operating systems.

 While many are confused on whether to get a computer with a Windows based operating system or to get a MacBook with MacOS, and most are rather loyal to what they already have, there is also a vast majority of people who often switch from Windows to MacOS or vice versa. The most important thing to consider, however, is that the pros and cons of both stem solely from the fact that they work differently. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, although we do admit that we lean towards MacOS for a number of reasons, which we will explain further in this article.

You can install Windows on a MacBook

One of the most important things to consider for this decision, according to our research, is that you can download a Windows operating system on a MacBook, but it does not work the other way. This means that Mac users can experience the best of both worlds, but people who choose to get a Windows laptop are basically stuck with what they paid for. This means you do not have much flexibility in terms of software if you are a Windows user. It is also important to note that the main reason for people purchasing a MacBook, at least for most people, is the unique operating system that comes with it.

MacOS is better all-rounder

Despite having a higher price tag than most Windows based computers, MacBooks have a far superior operating system that promises on reliability, performance, and flexibility. Due to this, MacBooks seem to outlast any computer that comes with a Windows based operating system. Though they are significantly more expensive than a Windows PC, MacBooks also come with a commitment to provide support services in case the MacBook stops working. Apple is committed MacOS being an operating system that was delicately crafted via modern architectural principles, stability is also guaranteed. In the rare occasion that a MacBook app crashes or freezes, only that particular application is affected on the computer. Unfortunately for a Windows user, this same situation would typically cause their whole computer to crash, and they will face the infamous blue screen of death in some instances.

Performance and security

As performance goes, MacOS combines quick read and write speeds, blazing fast M-series chipsets, and other MacOS exclusive features which work together to maximise the performance of the computer which allows it to outperform majority of Windows based systems. Especially when combined Apple’s efficient MacOS software, users can edit and render videos or perform heavy multitasking activities without worrying about performance. 

MacBook operating systems also offer incredible data protection and security to its users. In addition to being light and easy to work with, MacBooks are also known to have the upper hand in the battle against the malware and viruses floating around on the internet that Windows computers are heavily susceptible to. Aside from this, the Mac operating system has also reportedly improved by a lot, over the past few years. Since the launch of Mac OS X, Apple computers have also been significantly improved in terms of quality and performance. On this note, it is also worth highlighting that Safari, the native browser of MacBooks, recently underwent an overhaul to protect its users from unwanted pop-ups and tracking. Due to its already existing scrutinous security, MacOS also needs less security maintenance relative to Windows computers, whereas Windows users need to be extra vigilant and stay up to date with their antivirus software applications due to the higher attack rates targeting Windows computers.

Application organization

Though it seems less relevant in comparison with the performance-based advantages that MacOS has over Windows, the interface is also something to be considered. Owing to fonts, icons, and other elements that comes with the advanced graphics subsystem, the MacBook is also easy on the eyes of its user. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, MacOS also ensures efficient organization. In layman’s terms, everything is either where you put them or where you expect them to be. MacOS, much like iOS is known for providing both extreme power and seamless usage for Apple customers. Many will swear by MacOS as the easiest operating system to use. It is easy to figure out and does not challenge users with any unnecessary challenges. It also allows flexibility in the sense that the interface can be endlessly tweaked to meet your preferences.

Software Updates

Since we are on the topic of updates, another advantage of MacOS as compared to Windows is that it does not require users to fuss with its updates. Apart from having the operating system built into the computer, prior to purchasing, updates are also relatively simple when it comes to MacBooks. On the other hand, any Windows user that likes to have the latest operating system on their device would know and understand the constant struggle with re-installing software and the pain of dealing with drivers and updates, unless they are really tech-savvy and enjoy the hassle involved.

Sleep Mode

Another great benefit that comes with owning an Apple computer and having MacOS is that it is so easy to put a MacBook to sleep mode. Apple users have the great advantage of being able to pick up where they left off, whereas a Windows PC owner would find that doing this causes some software bugs involving glitches in their computer over a certain period of time if they constantly put their laptop on sleep mode. This results in most Windows users having to shut down or reboot their Windows based system after just a day of use.

App Compatibility

It is common knowledge that Windows computers have a lot more applications which are compatible to the operating system than a MacBook. Apple’s strict controls on its software stems from a need for tight security, though this is inconvenient for Apple users who are unable to use third-party apps without jailbreaking their device, which in turn nullifies the warranty and support provided by Apple in case something goes wrong with their computer. However, rest assured as MacOS already supports a plethora of applications and you certainly won’t face much issue with installing essential applications for your day-to-day workflow such as Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel and so forth. Unlike Windows, Apple includes a free copy of their reiteration of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, on their devices such as Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. 

Network and connectivity

The current MacOS system also supports a wide range of networks including all Mac computers and many Windows computers. The MacOS networking system is quite easy in terms of configuration. MacBooks with an operating system any later than Mac OS X can find and configure devices with the same technology as them and communicate with these devices.

The high-technology support that comes with a MacBook should not be overlooked either. MacOS is greatly known for supporting advanced technologies such as Bluetooth and being able to interact with multiple wireless devices. It is also equipped with handwriting recognition via the Ink system that can be used to provide input for graphic tablets or any such devices a user may own.

Apple Ecosystem benefits

Apple’s groundbreaking connectivity also stretches to its other devices as well. With owning a MacBook, you instantly get access to Apple’s Ecosystem of products and services. You get the enjoy the seamlessness of working from one device to another, whether it is from the iPhone to the iPad or the iPad to the MacBook and vice versa. This seamlessness can’t be found elsewhere, and we certainly must give Apple props for this astounding implementation.

You also get other added benefits which you can’t find on Windows based systems such the added functionality of being able to FaceTime and read iMessages from your iPhone directly on your MacOS powered device. On top of that, you also have other useful features such as Apple Handoff, Family Sharing, and Apple’s famous AirDrop functionality which allows users to send files with just a single click from one device to another device.


While the decision to switch from Windows to MacOS is strictly personal to the user and largely depends on their personal technical requirements and own technical skills, we think that the convenience of owning a MacBook and the benefits of its operating systems come unmatched. With security, the clean interface, and durability, MacOS certain plays in its own league. If you are still unsure what MacBook to go for or you are currently in the market for an affordable refurbished MacBook, you can always check out our refurbished MacBooks or Refurbished Windows laptops as we have attractive prices for our readers with unrivalled refurbished qualities that would certainly leave a smile on your face.

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