compare rent or purchase macbook

MacBook Pro 14"

256GB, Space Grey

$69/month. 24 months
compare rent or purchase ipad

iPad 6 Mini”

128GB, Wi-Fi, Starlight

$19/month. 24 months
compare rent or purchase ipad

iPhone 14 Pro

128GB, Purple

$29/month. 24 months

Quick and Easy, in 4 simple steps:

step 1, choose your device from our retail partner

Choose your desired IT equipment from one of our retailers.

step 2, select rent with manmade cycle as your payment option

Go to your sales agent or simply go directly to the checkout in the e-commerce store and select “Rent with ManMade Cycle”

step 3, register and select your interested products in a few clicks

Register with ManMade Cycle - swiftly and in just a few clicks - and select which products you would like to buy or rent. Your liquidity will thank you.

step 4, all set, and wait patiently for your products to arrive at your office/ warehouse

All set. You will receive your products in the usual way from our partner, while we take care of all finances.

Do you have any questions?

Take a look at our FAQ:

ManMade Cycle offers hardware subscriptions that allows you, as a business customer, to decide whether you want to rent or buy each product in your shopping cart. You just have to register with us – it only takes a minute and is non-binding. You will receive your products in the usual way from your trusted retailer, while we take care of all finances. Just try it out!

Yes. All devices are brand new. At the end of the rental period customer will hand in the old devices to ManMade Cycle. One of the great things about topi is that your teams will never have to work with outdated equipment again. It’s a real value-add for all your staff. Your finance and procurement team should be happy, too.

You will receive your devices in the usual way from our partner. The hardware will be shipped as soon as it is available. Normally it should arrive within a few days. If you have any questions you can just get in touch with your sales agent. When and if your equipment is available, you’ll find out when ordering.

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