At ManmadeCycle, we respect the privacy and data rights of our users. We comply with Facebook's User Data Deletion Policy, ensuring that we provide you with control over your data. Here's how our User Data Deletion Policy works:

  1. Data Deletion Request:

Users can request the deletion of their data from ManmadeCycle by contacting us via our website, email, or direct message through our official Facebook page. Upon receipt of a deletion request, we will confirm the request with the user to verify its authenticity.

  1. Processing the Deletion Request:

Once we've confirmed the deletion request, we will proceed to delete the user's data from our records. The deletion process will begin immediately and will be completed within a period of 30 days. If for any reason there is a delay or issue, we will promptly communicate this to the user.

  1. Scope of Deletion:

The deletion process will involve eradicating all data associated with the user's Facebook account, including personal information, transaction records, user preferences, and other related data.

  1. Deletion Confirmation:

After successfully deleting a user's data, we will notify the user that the deletion has been completed.

  1. Data Retention:

We will retain user data in compliance with applicable legal requirements and our internal data retention policies. Any data retained will be handled with utmost privacy and security.

  1. Exceptions:

There may be cases where we cannot delete all of a user's data due to legal or regulatory requirements. In these cases, we will inform the user about the data that must be retained and the reasons for this retention.

Remember that deleting your data from ManmadeCycle does not automatically delete it from Facebook or other platforms. You will need to contact these platforms directly to request data deletion.

By using our services, you acknowledge and agree to this data deletion policy. If you have any questions about this policy or your data, please feel free to contact us.